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Tech Thursday | Most Popular Social Media Tools for your Business!

In today's time, there are multiple avenues to advertise and create a presence as well as impact on society. One of the most effective ways has been through social media. Gone are the days when advertising your services or making a presence known is limited to radio and tv, or "hitting the streets". With the 'smart' phone having the ability of a full size pc, social media has become the norm, and so have the tools.

Our Social Media tech head @Nnennayalator has ran a series of polls on her twitter along with other business mavens to which platform is the best platform. Although her poll took place on the twitter platform (twitter did win), another business maven got a different result on Facebook - instagram. This brings us to the million dollar question: "which platform is the best"? Here at Munagi Inc. we recommend ALL platforms should be utilized to increase web presence as well as capture as many potential customers as possible. However, whichever g…
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We have added another client under our belt and more to come! Citizens of Impact is a not for profit organization focusing on citizens' rights across Africa. Counseling and civil mobilization is available upon request from the "Contact Us'. Check out their site for all of your news and protest happening in Africa. Check them out! you can like their page and follow them on twitter! Enjoy!
Click Here for Citizens of Impact site

New Client | Munagi Designed and Launched

Umm Crazy Cupcakes has now launched their website and open to take orders throughout the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area!!! Take a look [or place an order for your sweet tooth] and enjoy all the goodness

Umm Crazy Cupcakes est. 2016, has been a local favorite in the Hampton Roads areas of Virginia and has since expanded to the DC and Maryland areas. Cupcakes are their specialty, but not limited. Special orders for cupcakes and cake pops can be placed by clicking the envelope. Enjoy!


TECH THURSDAY | Overlooked Technology

Hello Everyone! Munagi here with another Tech Thursday! A lot more businesses are realizing that there are patterns and trends that customers follow throughout the consumer life cycle. One way that those trends and patterns can be viewed and analyzed are through data management and analytics. One may ask "what the heck is that," and/or "why do I need that?"

Data Management is the process of controlling the information generated during a research project. Any research will require some level of [good] data management.
Every company should a plan when executing research for their business plans as well as research for established firms- The same goes for data. All of this, though, can be done for you and automated through data analytics, through the likes of Google analytics.  Products like said platform can give a company an array of stats, charts, and other useful data (information) that can pin point opportunities of growth.

So if you want to get an idea of which…

Tech Thursday!

Hello guys! Tech Thursdays will be the days we will give quick tips on tech gadgets, social media tricks, reviews, and the best devices and software to look out for. Let us get into it, shall we?

Something that small businesses should get into in this era of technology to help grow their business is "email marketing"! Email marketing is defined as

"Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing"
If you provide a service or sell a good, email marketing is one of the most strategic ways to grab your target populations' interest in a split second. It is simple, it is quick and it does not twist the consumer's arm to read or buy anything. If you do your email marketing correctly, you can build your clientele as well as retain your loyal customers in an organized manner.

You can hire a company like Munagi I…


Munagi here to spread the word of a great event in Gardena, CA! USC's School of Pharmacy's Student National Pharmaceutical Association has organized a health fair taking place on April 16, 2016! Check out the flyer or the Event Calendar for more details. Hope you all can make it out for a great cause, spread the post and the word!

Shiri Achu Art Exhibit Coming Soon!

Hey art and music lovers! DC will soon have award winning artist Shiri Achu display some of her latest work in the city, and Munagi is proud to spread the word! So if you are in town and looking to have a great time appreciating the arts, stop on by to Gallery A in DC NW for a spectacular show. Full details are in the link and in the Munagi Event Calendar. See you there!Click Here for Full Press Release!